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Fresh Registration Controlled by Design Department
This online form is only for vendor registration for the items listed in Vendor Directory controlled by Design Department.
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Vendor Registration Mechanical Electrical
  Annexure-A (Commercial)   Annexure-B (Financial)   Annexure-C (Technical)  
Note: The documents will not be saved if form is drafted. Please upload documents only when the form is submitted.
1.0 Stores VendorID(if applicable)
2.0 Details of component as per Tender (if applicable)
Description Specification
UL Number Drawing Number
3.0 Tender Number/Other References      
4.0 Vendor Details
Name of the firm* Firm Pan Number*
Office Address line 1* Factory Address line 1*
Office Address line 2* Factory Address line 2*
Office Address line 3 Factory Address line 3
City (Off.)* State (Off.)*
Pin (Off.)* Mobile No (Off.)*
Fax (Off.) Telephone (Off.) -
Hours of Factory Working* List of Items/Stores the firm is capable of manufacturing*
For Clarification Person To Be Contacted
Name of the Person* Designation of the Person*
Foreign Collaboration (if any) Communication Address
Fax Telephone -
Mobile No Email*
5.0 Commercial Details (Upload Photo Copies)
Nature of Business* Nature of Company*
(Note: For Nature of Company, an affidavit, as sworn before a first class magistrate/notary public must be submitted stating that self/wife/husband or any other family members
are not figuring as partners in any firm/firms registered with ICF)
Proprietary/Partner/Public/ Private Co Name*
Proprietary/Partner/Public/ Private Co Address*
Proprietary/Partner/Public/ Private Co Telephone -
6.0 Total Area of Factory (in Sq.ft)
Covered (in Sq.ft)* Uncovered (in Sq.ft)*
7.0 Registration Details (Upload Photo Copies)*
(Note: Atleast one of the first four details must be filled.)
If the Factory registered under Factory Act (if yes,Registration No.& Year)
Is the Factory registered with State Directorate of Industries as a SSI Unit
In case of Medium Scale/Large Scale Industry,factory number alloted by Director General of Technical Development
Is the factory registered with NSIC (if yes then Regn.No,Date,Validity and Items for which registered )
Certificate of Registration of Licence held under Act,if the firm comes under the scope of Industries
Is the factory registered with CST/State Sales Tax(Certificate No.and Date)*
8.0 Electric Power Sanctioned and Installed (Upload copy of latest three electricity bills)*

We confirm that the information furnished above is correct to the best of our knowledge.