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Fresh Registration Controlled by Design Department
This online form is only for vendor registration for the items listed in Vendor Directory controlled by Design Department.
Note: Uploading Documents size should not exceed 2MB.

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Vendor Registration Mechanical Electrical
  Annexure-A (Commercial)   Annexure-B (Financial)   Annexure-C (Technical)  
Note: The Uploaded documents will not be saved if form is drafted. Please upload documents only when the form is submitted.
1.0 Item Type * Item capable of manufacturing as per vendor directory *
Stores VendorID(if applicable)
2.0 Details of component as per Tender (if applicable)
Description Specification
UL Number Drawing Number
3.0 Tender Number/Other References      
4.0 Vendor Details
Name of the firm* Firm Pan Number*
Office Address line 1* Factory Address line 1*
Office Address line 2* Factory Address line 2*
Office Address line 3 Factory Address line 3
City (Off.)* State (Off.)*
Pin (Off.)* Mobile No (Off.) *
Note: All SMS in future will be sent to mentioned Mobile Number
Fax (Off.) Telephone (Off.) -
Hours of Factory Working*
For Clarification Person To Be Contacted
Name of the Person* Designation of the Person*
Foreign Collaboration (if any) Communication Address
Fax Telephone -
5.0 Commercial Details (Upload Photo Copies)
Nature of Business* Nature of Company*
(Note: For Nature of Company, an affidavit, as sworn before a first class magistrate/notary public must be submitted stating that self/wife/husband or any other family members
are not figuring as partners in any firm/firms registered with ICF)
Proprietary/Partner/Public/ Private Co Name*
Proprietary/Partner/Public/ Private Co Address*
Proprietary/Partner/Public/ Private Co Telephone -
6.0 Total Area of Factory (in Sq.ft)
Covered (in Sq.ft)* Uncovered (in Sq.ft)*
7.0 Registration Details (Upload Photo Copies)*
If the Factory registered under Factory Act (if yes,Registration No.& Year)
Is the Factory registered with State Directorate of Industries as a SSI Unit
In case of Medium Scale/Large Scale Industry,factory number alloted by Director General of Technical Development
Is the factory registered with NSIC (if yes then Regn.No,Date,Validity and Items for which registered )
Certificate of Registration of Licence held under Act,if the firm comes under the scope of Industries
Is the factory registered with GSTIN(Certificate No.and Date)*
8.0 Electric Power Sanctioned and Installed (Upload copy of latest three electricity bills)*

We here by declare that the entry made in this application form are true to the best of my knowledge. I accept all terms and conditions of ICF